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Enjoy delicious award-winning wines – and help protect our oceans.



At Sea Change Wine, we believe that enjoying great wine shouldn’t harm the earth. Sea Change was created to make ocean-friendly drinking an easy and sustainable choice for people that love wine, and also love our planet.

Delicious wine, in beautifully designed labels, and with no plastic packaging - much better for our planet! We still have work to do,  and we're busy working on ways we can reduce our impact even further.

Simply choose a bottle or a case of Sea Change wines from our carefully selected range - you can do this in the confidence that not only will the wines taste delicious (just check out our Vivino ratings!) but that for every bottle you buy, a donation will be made to ocean charities.



Whether it's plastics, overfishing, global warming, tourism or pollutants, our oceans are under attack.

Yet they are vital to our survival! They provide us with water, with air, with fish, with bio-diversity that literally keeps our planet alive.

Our oceans are the heart and soul of our planet. Without them, we would cease to exist. Not only does the ocean supply us with water, but it produces half the world's oxygen.

It also stores 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere.

At Sea Change, we’re passionate about two things, wine and protecting our oceans. Stopping plastic from entering the oceans is a large part of ocean conservation, with many projects around the world dedicating themselves to the cause.

You can read more across our site - or check out some of our Ocean Charity Partners, such as the Olive Ridley Project, or Ocean Generation.


For Sea Change Wine, eco-friendly wines mean two things:

1. Minimal packaging:

When enjoying a bottle of Sea Change Wine, you won’t be contributing to plastic pollution that harm our beautiful marine life.

We’ve removed the unnecessary packaging around the cork that other winemakers use as decoration. However, just because there’s little plastic doesn’t mean our bottles aren’t stunning.

With original art from our designer Katie Hannah, Sea Change bottles feature a range of aesthetically pleasing labels which are perfect as gifts for wine lovers.

2. Donations to our partners:

With every bottle of 75cl bottle of Sea Change purchased, we donate a minimum of 25 euro cents to our charity partners.

From the Olive Ridley Project to Sea-Changers, the projects our partners help facilitate range in size and scale, but they all have one common goal: to protect the ocean. We’ve already raised €100,000 for our partners, which has funded vital research and supported our charity partner, ‘Ocean Generation, who were behind the amazing film ‘A Plastic Ocean.’

There is, however, much more work to be done. So, why not purchase a bottle (or 6) of Sea Change wines and help us turn the tide!


We make it easy for you to choose a wine or wine gift for any occasion – from a family BBQ or quiet night in with Netflix after a long day at work - to Birthdays and Valentines’ Day, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day – or just to say “thank you”.

Here’s a quick view of the wines we offer currently –  with new wines being added to our range all the time. All our wines are suitable for vegetarians – and many are vegan.

Otter landing page image

NEW Otter label

A duo of Spanish wines from the sun-soaked vineyards of Valencia. Go bold with our Sea Change organic red, made with the indigenous Bobal grape, or top up your glass with our refreshing, fruit-forward organic Chardonnay. Organic and vegan.

Provence Rosé Landing Page IMG

NEW Seahorse label

Made by the award-winning boutique producer Château Pigoudet, our Sea Change Provence Rosé is a light,  crisp,  premium wine,  perfect for summer.

Prosecco landing page image-1

Starfish label

Heralding from the romantic Veneto region of north-eastern Italy, our award-winning vegan Prosecco is elegant with fine bubbles - a wine you won’t forget.

Porpoise landing page image

NEW Porpoise label

A trio of incredible Italian wines make up our Porpoise range: a bright, zesty Pinot Grigio; a soft and flavourful Montepulciano D’Abruzzo; and a fresh, fruity Pinot Grigio Rosé.

French Range landing page image

Whale label

Produced by the enigmatic Château Canet in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of Southern France, this range consists of three IGP quality wines: a zesty Sauvignon Blanc, a fruit-forward Merlot and a stylish rosé. All vegan.

Dolphin landing page image

Dolphin label

A fantastic pair of award-winning vegan wines from the Southern Italian region of Puglia, consisting of a vibrant, refreshing Chardonnay and a rich, fruity Negroamaro.


Here’s a short list of the questions that we’re asked most frequently.

FAQs Answers  
Is your wine eco-friendly? Yes We work with producers that share our values, and support ocean charities doing incredible work  
Do you use plastic in your packaging? No (we never use plastic, not even recycled plastic, as there is a risk it will end up back in our oceans)  
What charities do you support? We support a range of ocean charities in each of the countries where we have a presence - the UK,  Ireland and Hong Kong. These include Ocean Generation, Sea-Changers, The Olive Ridley Project, The International SeaKeepers Society, Bermuda Zoological Society, Ocean Wise,  Rendu Ocean China and others  
How much do you donate to ocean charities? We just hit a landmark 100,000 euros in donations,  since our launch in June 2020  
Does every bottle count? Yes! For every bottle sold,  we donate a minimum of 25 euro cents to ocean charities  
Is the wine sustainably sourced? Yes We work with a carefully chosen range of smaller producers that share our values  
Can I gift wrap? No (our goal is sustainability and minimal packaging - but you can add a gift message - see gifting page for more information)  
Are your wines vegan? Yes Most of our eco-friendly wines are also either vegetarian or vegan - this is clearly marked on each wine in the shop section of the website  
Are your wines organic? Yes We just launched a range of organic wines,  and we will continue to add more to our range  


As well as removing plastic from the boxes,  wrapping and labels we use for posting out your delicious wines, we've changed the way our bottles are packaged too.

Have you noticed that most bottles of wine have a plastic wrap covering the cork?

We believe this is unnecessary, so have removed them. We have minimised all Sea Change packaging to reduce our environmental impact: we use lighter-weight glass bottles, renewable plant-based closures and label paper from sustainable forests made in part from grape waste.